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"12/ …im linken Rückspiegel auf dem Parkplatz von Woolworth"
Edition 1 + 2 von 12
Fri 22.02.2008 | 19.00 h
Sat 23.02.2008 | 15.00 h
Orangerie Herrenhausen
90 min
"NEUER TANZ meets pop" in VA Wölfl’s ‘chor(e)ography’; an ingenious production intertwining images, music and movement, accompanied by sound waste from the acoustic rubbish dumps of our consumer shrines. While each new piece by NEUER TANZ is a development from the last and to the next, this project was originally inspired by the novel "12" by young American writer Nick McDonell, which describes the use of a cocaine-like drug in wealthy circles. Hallucinations, changes in perspective and deception also play a role in the development and consolidation of the multiple levels of the performance. The title translates as "in the left rear mirror in Woolworth’s car park", and it is in this mirror that we take a reversed look back in time.
VA Wölfl studied fine art under Oskar Kokoschka in Salzburg, where he received the honorary award of the city. Later he studied photography at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen under Otto Steinert and Willi Fleckhaus. He is holder of the "World Wide Video"-Award (The Hague, 1982), the first "German Producers’ Prize for Choreography" (1995) and the "Critics’ Prize 2006". In 2007 he was made a fellow of the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.
VA Wölfl works with NEUER TANZ.
NEUER TANZ works in Düsseldorf.
Further information:
With | Izaskun Abrego Olano, Armin Biermann, Alfonso Bordi, Gerald Butolen, Nicholas Mansfield, Senem Gökce Ogultekin, Edgar Sandoval Díaz, Judith Wilhelm, Peter Bellinghausen, Alexander Collatz, Susanna Keye, Jürgen Grohnert, Thomas Schneider, N.N., Stefanie Kusenberg; VA Wölfl
Supported by | the leader of the Federal German state of North Rhine Westphalia, the City of Düsseldorf, the Arts Foundation NRW, the German Federal Cultural Foundation, the Arts and Culture Foundation of the Sparkasse Düsseldorf, PACT Zollverein – Choreographisches Zentrum (Essen), Rico Design in Brakel and the Schloss and Park Benrath Foundation

A work commissioned by PACT Zollverein - Choreographisches Zentrum
NRW (Essen) for the RuhrTriennale.
hBFBS – sponsored by NEUER TANZ