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Frédéric Gies "Dance (Praticable)"
Isabelle Schad Excerpt of "Ohne Worte (Praticable)"
Thu 21.02.2008 | 17.00 h
Fri 22.02.2008 | 15.00 + 21.30 h
Ballhof zwei
10 min + 45 min
"Praticable" is a project which was initiated by Alice Chauchat, Frédéric de Carlo, Frédéric Gies, Isabelle Schad and Odile Seitz. With the aim of placing research, information transferal and production structures in the same context, two pieces by artists from the collective are presented at a time; one in its entirety and one as an excerpt.
Frédéric Gies pulls out all the stops in "Dance (Praticable)” with a relaxed facial expression. In a powerhouse review of various styles, he dances to exhaustion, caricatures gestures of the movements quoted, and yet remains entirely himself. Surprising the audience with an ever-changing movement repertoire ranging from floor work, jumps and turns to shoulder-stands, Gies omits nothing and blends it all into a sophisticated whole which reflects on questions of style and composition, authorship and choreography. Accompanying the work are alternating periods of disco music by Madonna and silence. Gies designed the work so that it could also be performed as a group piece, allowing others to become ‘co-authors’. In autumn 2008 a full-length group version will be shown for the first time in Berlin.
Frédéric Gies lives and works in Berlin. After studying ballet and contemporary dance, he began working in association with other French choreographers, including Odile Seitz and Frédéric de Carlo. In 2004 he met Isabelle Schad and began his work with Good Work Productions. A number of solo pieces (such as 2006’s "Dance") followed, as well as his collaboration with Manuel Pelmus, Bruno Pocheron and Isabelle Schad on the "Still Lives" project.
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" Dance (Praticable)"
Concept, choreography, score | Frédéric Gies. Based on an idea by | Alice Chauchat. Artistic assistant | Alice Chauchat. Music | Madonna
hPhoto Isabelle Schad